Bounty Hunter Chronicles

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Our journey begins with young, Mandelorian bounty hunter, Quellx Malechore, aboard public bulk frater on his way to the moon Nar Shaddaa. Quellx has been contracted by infamous crime-lord, Moba the Hutt to take one of his rival Hutts, which Quellx is well acquainted with, out of business. To this effect, Moba has put a rather large bounty on the despicable Fugo the Hutt’s head and Quellx has set out to meet his brother Cl’gain Malechore on Nar Shaddaa and claim said bounty.

Not long into his transit, as Quellx is staring out the window at the radiant surface of Nar Shaddaa, the ship lurches forward as a boarding ship penetrates the hull, latching itself to the ship’s rear with great impact. Four Wee’quayan mercenaries rush out onto the floor of the transit shuttle brandishing their weapons.

“Quellx Malechore. We know you are somewhere on this ship. Surrender yourself and come with us or else…

As the Weequayan mercs sweep the aisles looking for Quellx, the Mandelorian takes the initiative and fires his blaster rifle at the back of one of the mercenaries when they aren’t looking. The shot explodes into the merc’s back, bringing him to his knees. His fellow mercenaries turn around suddenly but are unaware of where the shot originated from. Quellx uses this window of opportunity to prepare his next attack, taking down yet another merc, but giving away his location. The mercs fire at Quellx but miss, inadvertently killing a couple innocent passengers. Quellx takes aim and guns down another mercenary. After another quick exchange, the Mandelorian is able to fell the final Weequayan thug. Thanks to Quellx, the ship’s pilot is able to regain control of the ship and land safely on Nar Shaddaa.

As he exits the shuttle, Quellx finds himself on the high rise of a gargantuan sky-scraper towering thousands of miles over the moon’s surface. He marvels at the view and makes his way to the merchant’s square to stock up for his upcoming mission. Quellx arrives at the marketplace and looks around. To his left is this floor’s weapon merchant, and to his right, the armor merchant. He makes his way to the armor shop and is apprehensively greeted by a cocky looking human behind the counter.
“What do you want, bounty hunter? You don’t even look like you can afford my wares”
“I’m looking for a suit of padded battle armor and a blast helmet. I’m pretty sure I’ve saved up enough for at least that” Quellx responds.
The merchant’s face is painted with skepticism, but he goes into the back, and moments later emerges with large display case, containing a standard-looking padded battle armor suit and blast helmet.
“That’ll be 12,000 credits” says the merchant, with a shit-eating grin.
It isn’t very difficult for the Mandelorian to tell that the smug bastard is trying to rip him off. Quellx responds with a cold stare, and slowly puts his blaster pistol on the table, pointed at the gut of the shady merchant.
“Don’t try to pull a fast one on me, jackass. This isn’t my first time on Nar Shaddaa. I know this suit isn’t worth anywhere near that much. My blaster pistol here is telling me that you’ll part with it for say… 7,500 credits” Quellx threatens.
The merchant’s grin is wiped off his face and replaced by a scowl. He mumbles grudgingly to himself and says “Very well bounty hunter, 7,500 credits it is.” He presses some buttons on his datapad and a request of transaction appears on Quellx’s. Quellx accepts, holsters his pistol, and begins to equip his new armor as the appropriate amount of credits are drawn from his account.
Quellx exits the shop and makes his way across the hall to the weapons shop where he is greeted, if you could even call it a greeting, by a bored-looking Zabrak female sitting behind the counter while leaning sleepily on her palm. “How can I help you?” she says in a largely apathetic tone.



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